Shield Sports Inc. was founded in 1940 in the U.S. and thus has more than 65 years of experience in producing high quality mouthguards for all contact sports.
Manufacturing in the United States according to the strict U.S. guidelines for ingredients guarantee  (unlike some products manufactured in the Far East) a harmless to health product at the highest quality level.
For heavy-duty use SHIELD Sports has developed multistage mouthguards, which consist of several layers, that makes it stable outside and soft on the inside. They are adapted to the needs of different age categories. All Mouthguards can be customized quickly and easily with just a few steps to your own jaw.
PHOENIX Budosport is official representative of SHIELD Sports products for Europe.
Since 2012, SHIELD products are marketed by Wilson Co. and packaging is changed to WILSON design. The SHIELD products remain the same high quality as you are used to.

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SHIELD brand Mouthguard

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